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BK BG Zukanator
Attribute Gold
First appearance All For One

Zukanator (ズーカネーター zukanetaa) is a cannon-like Bakugan Battle Gear with the top appearing to look like a castle tower. Due to its mammoth size, many Bakugan in the anime can't support it. It is part of the Battle Cannons group.



Zukanator is a Bakugan Battle Gear. It is a magneto-hydrodynamic cannon, it controls magnetic fields to shoot a stream of blazing lava and molten metal, that straps to the back of a Bakugan. It has four red laser beam pointers on the side to increase accuracy. At its tip is a cylinder to reduce noise and allow for surprise attacks. In the toys, it attaches with a bit of an angle. There are four rectangles similar to solar panels at the base of the Battle Gear.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

Spectra used a Gold Zukanator with Helios MK2 in All For One. It is much more powerful than Twin Destructor; so much so that Spectra is at first unsure of whether or not Helios can even support it. Spectra subsequently uses it to blast a hole into the Alternative Weapon System, allowing the Brawlers to enter.

Ability Cards
  • Zukanator: (Level 1 class ability)


It was released in June along with Chompixx, Boomix, and Battle Sabre.

In Japan, the Copper version in BG-002 has 160 Gs.

Element: G-Power(s):
Goldyp Gold: 60 Gs, 90 Gs
Silvera Silver: 70 Gs
Coppery Copper: 80 Gs, 160 Gs (Japan)
Reference Cards
  • Haos Effect: If your Bakugan has the lowest printed G-Power, you get +150 G-Power.
  • Subterra Effect: If your Bakugan has the lowest printed G-Power, you get +100 G-Power.

Ability Card (Japanese)

  • Zukanator (Red): Only the Battle Gear "Zukanator" may use this Ability Card. Play before you roll a Bakugan that can carry Battle Gear. If you succeed to stand your Bakugan, place the Battle Gear "Zukanator" on it. Add the Gear Bonus to the Bakugan's G-Power. You must take it off when you win a battle or get a double stand with that Bakugan.

Gate Card (Japanese)

  • Zukanator Shot (Gold): Pyrus+90G, Aquos+60G, Subterra+100G, Haos+200G, Darkus+140G, Ventus+0G; Any Bakugan with ZUKANATOR equipped gains the Gate Bonus twice.

Bakugan Dimensions

Special Ability

Rocket Shot: A light attack that can attack from any range.


  • Zukanator's name may be a reference to the portable rocket launcher, a bazooka.
  • Zukanator's design appears to borrow heavily from that of a mortar, a form of cannon that hurls projectiles high into the air to cover great distances.
  • It is smaller in toy form than in the anime, likely due to problems with it being too heavy and falling off.
  • Some Bakugan might have trouble carrying Zukanator, because of the position of one or two of their parts (the bits that spring open automatically); Aranaut for example.

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