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Wontu Aquos
Attribute Aquos Aquos
First appearance Marucho's Mission

Wontu (ウォンチュー U~onchū) is a rabbit-like Bakugan with a penguin-like mouth from Bakugan: New Vestroia. It can make itself larger, by sucking air into its body through its mouth.



Wontu is referred to as cute by most people. But Wontu tricks other people, and Bakugan with its cuteness.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

In Marucho's Mission, Elfin tells Marucho that the Wontu were helpless, so Elfin had to take over the forest and be their protector.

Marucho used a Wontu in battle during What's the Plan?.

Wontu also appears in the Japanese version of Bakugan: New Vestroia's ending.

It appeared in the episode The Day New Vestroia Stood Still when every Bakugan were turned to ball form due to BT System.

Wontu was seen in Exodus in ball form, evacuating from the New Vestroia with other Bakugan.

Ability Cards
  • Rapid Balloon: (Marucho used this ability and was disqualified from the Alpha City tournament for not being able to control Wontu, due to it becoming so large it couldn't stand up)


  • Zoobles, a series of Bakugan-like toys targeted to girls, contain many decas of Wontu shaped molds.

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