Wired S2PosterImage
Attribute Ventus Ventus
Power 400 Gs
Variations Meta Altair
First appearance Freedom Run

Wired is a bird-like Mechanical Bakugan, designed by Professor Clay, and meant to operate alongside Altair.



Wired has a large, indestructible beak. Small in stature, Wired is impossible to hit. With its tiny spinners, it can hover over its prey. its wings consist of five razor sharp feathers that help it fly as well as battle. Wired uses its clawed feet to shred its foes during battle.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

Lync uses it as his secondary Bakugan. He can combine with Altair to form Meta Altair. When formed Altair gains an extra 400 Gs and for an unknown special reason gives him 550 Gs more when combined. It is unknown if it can combine with Aluze.

Some fans believe that Wired is not actually a Bakugan Trap due to his spherical shape like regular Bakugan and the rest do. However, when Lync uses him in battle, Wired is thrown into the air like other Bakugan Traps, rather than rolled like regular Bakugan. Wired's remains may have been fused together with Altair's to create Aluze. It also has the same G-Power as all the mechanical Bakugan Traps used in the anime and not very powerful abilities, like Traps in the anime.

Ability Cards
  • Hybrid Cannon: Adds 100 Gs to Wired.
  • Shower Harpoon: Adds 200 Gs to Wired.
  • Aura Cannon: Transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to Wired.


Wired is treated as a normal Bakugan in a real game. It was thought and planned to be a Mechanical Bakugan Trap, but Lync never actually addressed it as a trap. It is made in all Attributes. Its wings rotate and flip. Its highest G-Power is 720. Its Pyrus version has 600 Gs. Its Ventus version in a game pack has 450 Gs.

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