Wilda S2PosterImage
Variations Wilda
Thunder Wilda
Magma Wilda
Flare Wilda

Wilda (ウィルダ Wiruda) is a Bakugan and the pre-evolved form of the Guardian Bakugan of Mira - the leader of the Resistance. Wilda had already evolved into Thunder Wilda by the time he was first introduced into the series.



Wilda is the guardian for Mira, the leader of the Resistance and has a deafening battle cry to scare away opponents. A massive creature, made of rock and hardened clay, Wilda moves slowly during battle, but his incredible durability makes up for this. He also pounds the ground forcefully to rattle his opponents before finishing them with a karate chop.


Element G-Power(s)
Pyrus Pyrus: N/A
Aquos Aquos: 520 Gs
Subterra Subterra: 570 Gs, 640 Gs, 700 Gs, 515 Gs (translucent)
Haos Haos: N/A
Darkus Darkus: N/A
Ventus Ventus: N/A
Clear PhantomDharak Closed Clear: N/A


  • Wilda highly resembles Vandarus in Bakugan form.

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