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White Naga
BK White Naga
Power 650 G
Variations Naga
Silent Naga
White Naga

White Naga is a Bakugan and a variation of Naga that was included with the first Bakugan Video Game for the Nintendo DS. It is considered a Special Attack Bakugan on even though it has no molding differences from a normal Naga.



Exclusive to the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Nintendo DS Collector's Edition video game, this distinctive White Naga looks the same as any regular Naga, but when called to stand it brings with it a clever twist to the battlefield. With no determined Attribute, White Naga takes on the highlighted Attribute on the Gate Card in play (the Attribute G-Power bonus with a glowing circle around it).


  • It is the only Bakugan in the game to have a White Attribute.
  • It is possible that White Naga's ball form is that of the original Naga in the anime, but this has not been confirmed.
  • It has many similarities to Delta Dragonoid.
  • In games, White Naga gets the highlighted G power bonus determining with what attribute it is in battle.
  • It has the same color scheme as Haos BakuCamo.

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