Water Fight is a battle in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.


In this battle, you can only use Marucho. After saving Marucho from Typhoon, Dan explains that they need his help fixing the Dimensional Transporter on Omicron. Marucho says let's go and they start heading towards Eva's Ship. But before they arrive, Asteria appears and challenges the Brawlers yet again. Dan lets Marucho have this one and they battle her. You have to beat Asteria in order to move forward.



Hurranian Secret Base


Pyrus/Haos Clawsaurus

Haos/Darkus Farakspin

Aquos/Haos Ramdol

Aquos Razenoid

Haos/Ventus Verias

Aquos Dryoid

Haos/Aquos Krowll

Darkus Hawktor

Aquos Premo Vulcan


Wave 1:Pyrus Clawsaurus x10

Wave 2:Pyrus Clawsaurus x15

Wave 3:Haos Clawsaurus x10

Wave 4:Aquos Ramdol x15/Haos Farakspin x15

Wave 5:Aquos Ramdol x20

Wave 6:Aquos Razenoid x1/Haos Clawsaurus x20

Wave 7:Darkus Farakspin x20

Wave 8:Darkus Farakspin x15/Pyrus Clawsaurus x25

Wave 9:Haos Verias x5

Wave 10:Haos Ramdol x15

Wave 11:Ventus Verias x15

Wave 12:Haos Verias x5

Wave 13:Aquos Dryoid x1/Haos Verias x10

Wave 14:Haos Krowll x4/Haos Clawsaurus x20

Wave 15:Ventus Verias x15

Wave 16:Darkus Hawktor x10/Ventus Verias x10

Wave 17:Haos Krowll x15

Wave 18:Aquos Premo Vulcan x10

Wave 19:Aquos Krowll x20

Wave 20:Darkus Hawktor x10

Wave 21:Haos Verias x15/Aquos Premo Vulcan x10

Wave 22:Haos Verias x15

Wave 23:Aquos Dryoid x1/Aquos Premo Vulcan x12

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