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The Vexos (Hex) are the main antagonists of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia. They are a group of Vestals that serve Prince Hydron and King Zenoheld, both of whom became members in the second arc. They are considered the best brawlers in Vestal, and although they are supposed to serve the royal family, there is a lingering theme of corruption among the members, with both Spectra and Gus planning to overthrow the family with Lync serving as a free-for-all agent, joining whichever side gave him the greatest gain, with the other Vexos planning the same. Even some of the others members will betray the Vexos for the right reasons. After the BT System was destroy, the Vexos were having a stressful time, and King Zenoheld went completely crazy. When King Zenoheld plans to used the Alternative destroy Vestal and Earth, Volt finds the plan too far, causing him to leave the Vexos. After leaving the Vexos, Prince Hydron challenges Volt to a brawl to make him pay for his betrayal, but Volt was able to defeat the prince. However, Prince Hydron doesn't take this loss well, and used the Death Bomb to sent Volt to a different dimension. However, despite Zenoheld's warning that the other Vexos will suffer the same fate should they betray him, Lync chose to betray the Vexos by copying the Alternative data so he could warn Alice about this weapon. However, Prince Hydron attempted to prevent Lync from doing so by using the Death Bomb to make Lync suffer the same fate as Volt. Luckily, Lync secretly hidden the copy of the Alternative data on his glove and throw it on the ground before so Lync will warn Alice about the Alternative. Then makes Shadow and Mylene the last of the original Vexos before they suffered the same fate due to Mylene trying to used a Death Bomb in Bakugan Interspace. Mylene, Shadow and Professor Clay are the only Vexos who did not betray Zenoheld. With all of the members either defected or deceased, it is assumed the Vexos have disbanded.

Current Members (Missing)

Identity Attribute Position and Notes

Mylene Phaaraoh

Mylene Farrow

Aquos   Aquos

Missing (In a different dimension)


Shadow Prove

Darkus  Darkus

Missing (In a different dimension)


Volt Luster

Haos   Haos

Missing (In a different dimension)


Lync Volan

Ventus  Ventus

Missing (In a different dimension)

Former Members

Identity Attribute Position and Notes

Chara zenoheld


PyrusPyrus Former King of Vestral and Leader of the Vexos

Chara hydron


SubterraSubterra Former Prince of Vestral and Vice-Leader of the Vexos

Chara clay fermin

Professor Clay

         None Scientist of the Vexos


Gus Grav

SubterraSubterra Friends with the Brawlers and teams with Keith Clay a.k.a Spectra Phantom

Spectra Phantom

Keith Clay

PyrusPyrus Friends with the Brawlers and teams with Gus Grav


It seems that each of the Vexos member has a specific partner they battle with during Tag-team matches, and they are also seen with this partner more than the other members. These pairs are, so far:

Lync-Volt: Lync and Volt appear to be great friends and an effective team together. They appear to be the lowest ranked of the Vexos.

Shadow-Mylene: Shadow and Mylene don't appear to get along at all. Mylene thinks Shadow is a bad Brawler and useless while Shadow thinks Mylene is bossy. They appear to be the moderate ranked brawlers.

Spectra-Gus: Spectra and Gus appear to get along even better than Lync and Volt. However, they don't brawl together much yet. Gus showed an incredibly high loyalty and respect to Spectra. They appear to be very high ranked brawlers.

Zenoheld-Hydron: Zenoheld and Hydron appear to just beginning to get along now even though they had the most time to bond, being family. Zenoheld didn't trust Hydron and Hydron now calls Zenoheld "father". They appear to not have a rank but command the other Vexos.


  • Every member of the Vexos seems to know a lot about Earth, except Mylene, whose failed disguise consisted of a groom's outfit. However, she may have chosen the outfit as she felt the others would make her look weak.
  • In Defenders of The Core the Vexos seem to have originated from Earth.

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