Hey guys,

Well, I saw something interesting this morning that I thought I would let you judge for yourself. I was on the Japanese Bakugan site - which got a new look by the way. And on the slideshow, there was a header for some type of contest - not a big deal right? Well, on that slide, they showed an Aquos BakuTech I haven't seen before and I don't believe anybody else has seen it either. I checked to see if it could be a new variation of Aquas or Volca but it doesn't look like it at all so my gut tells me it's something new. And I got to tell you, I really, really like this one. Anyway, here is the picture and maybe Keith or Rhivana could clear it up on what it's name is but according to the slide, it may be released on March 24th or that's just the day of the tournament. Or, you can judge for yourself whether it's new or not.


Oh, and Keith, when this comes out - reserve the 2nd one you get for me, since I know you will get the 1st one.

Otherwise, enjoy and have fun guys!Zachattack31 (talk) 13:47, March 15, 2012 (UTC)

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