Turbine Dragonoid on poster


Aquos Turbine Dragonoid (front)


Aquos Turbine Dragonoid (side)


Aquos Turbine Dragonoid (back)


Aquos Turbine Dragonoid (closed) with Ventus Turbine Helios

This blog post is a whole new trial for me...I'm going to write my first review of Bakugan here and it is for Aquos Turbine Dragonoid 690g which I just got today. Hope all of you like it and Please do not paste anything below to the page Turbine Dragonoid. Sorry for the long title and that Ventus flywheel 'tape'...I did't receive any 'tape' with Turbine Dragonoid so I borrowed Ventus Turbine Helios' one.

To me, Turbine Dragonoid is probably the best turbine Bakugan among the 3 that exist now. Different from the picture on the poster, it has its 2 little hand claws as a seperate and movable parts. I think it is better than the way that the hands of Turbine Hades being represented. It also lost its visible 'turbine wheel' detail in the poster below the claws. In the other turbine Bakugan that exist now, this detail is shown. Both of its hands and feet have 3 claws and I believe it is the same in its Bakugan form (hope it has). On its chest between its hand claws there is a diamond pattern. The diamond pattern also appears on its thick horn extending from Turbine Dragonoid's head.

Like Turbine Helios, Turbine Dragonoid has the shoulders part but its wings just open to the level that Hades does. Its wings looks more like a dragon wing than Helios' and its tail is longer than Helios'. A large pattern on its the back of neck is similar to the one on Spin Dragonoid's neck. The bottom of Turbine Dragonoid is rather flat. Different from Helios and Hades, it doesn't has spots that often appears on Mechanical Bakugan ball but it still look a bit mechanical. It seems that it doesn't connect to anything except there are 2 square hole under its wing and they are near the base of the wing.

I believe all of you think this review is really boring =_=. If you still have some questions on Turbine Dragonoid, I welcome your asking.

Video of Turbine Dragonoid spinning: [1]

The last close up of Turbine Dragonoid:


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