A very looooooong time no Blogview guys!

Today, I bring you a review of the bad baaad guy that made a real difference in the world of TakuBech, the Harbringer of Doomsday and without further ado ~

Let's give it up for the guy who wants your dough! (Literally)

Gif Jinryu is the first Bakugan owned by Tatsuma. Jinryu is a Water-elemental blue dragon which can be obtained by winning the BakuThron Red Stage (if you live in Japan and you got the chance) or through Online Auctions (for foreigners and those who didn't managed to win the red stage).

Like every exclusive release in WonFest/Jiseidai/every Japanese event; a monochrome packaging is the definition of Leetxors even though its laziness and/or frugality in actual sense. This is Jinryu's packaging:

The package contains the monochrome box, the dude himself and a "completed" Red Stage card for aesthetic effects. That's it. No Gate Cards or Ability Cards. They are sold separately and I didn't bothered getting them anymore (never liked them as much).

Gif Jinryu has a deceivingly metal cross parts but in actuality, its plastic painted with dusty silver just like Wave 5 BakuMetallix. The Cross Part has a Western/Arthurian Myths Dragon embossed on to it which is kinda like a sarcasm because Jinryu, being portrayed as an Eastern Dragaon and dubbed "Real Dragon" (that's what Jinryu means btw while Ginryu means Silver Dragon...either way works I guess) has subdued the other type of dragon.

Well that's about it. I do not wish to use Jinryu for an actual battle since it will be painful on my part. Painful because I paid considerably for it (don't ask how much because I won't answer).

Enjoy these few extra pics and the Mayan epic lulz for the rest of the day.

Blue Dragon with Six Claws. Where have I heard of that before? :P

Sup, Dragaon? :P

Until the day the ebil White Unicorn makes it descent...on my house.

Thanks for reading!

"All I want is to know. Never wanna let go. If my fate is so, I'll strive for evermore!!" 03:02, December 21, 2012 (UTC)

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