Today's TakuBech episode shows that ~ OMG ZAKUROTH HAS INDEED RETURNED and it's revenge time!!
Akumaha futatabi's time to give you DIS PEAR again

(Hey, where did my prince king charming went?! T__T).

Here's today's dose of TakuBech if you still haven't watched it. Many many thanks to our resident Takubech Recorder Nintendocan!

BakuTech Bakugan Episode 2404:59

BakuTech Bakugan Episode 24

The Devil Returns

Le Translation de Geso

WARNING: Spoilers Abound. This is NOT a parody translation!

But the Devil himself is no match for the itinerary of new TakuBech products that are surefire to make my wallet curse me more than Dio Sivac did to Aibou!

Based on these pictures researched by Rhivana; boy oh boy...Sega Toys is knocking at my door! @__@ Must buy...must buy... must buy...!!

The following will be making my wallet bleed dry of whatever currency it is... FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! 0_0

Ventus Tri Falco (Pretty Boy Sho in the Box art is a must have!)

Aquos Twin W (Couch Potato evolved perhaps?)

Haos Sechs Tavanel <-- I haet haet haet Sega Toys for making it an exclusive! ><##

BTD-05 Shield Deck

  • Haos Shield Leoness (Koh + Dis Pear = Koh'loud Strife)
  • Aquos Diver Fujou (Yes, yes...I am such a Fujoushi XDD)
  • Darkus Gravi Norm (Norm...wasn't that the name of Dr. D's ROTFLCOPTER-BOT from P and F? XD)

BTD-06 Win Deck

(Here's me hoping that at least one of the "STRANGER" guys is a pretty boy like Karashina. XD)

  • Ventus Win Domiru (ROTFL Epic win name)
  • Darkus Dagger Odos
  • Darkus Hugger Doguma (YES, GIMME A HUG! MY WALLET NEEDS A HUUUG!!)

Nine More...and my Rise Deck and Hollow Deck is still on its way. 0__0 OMG but my Aquos Gif Jinryu is coming very soon! I can smell a new Blogview finally! :D

The Banes of my Wallet for the BER Months.

Thanks for putting up with my rambling. XD

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