Today's blog will deal with this week's BakuTech Lulz and my opinion on the BakuTech products at Jiseidai Summer 2012.

TakuBech Episode 13 - Phantasmal Munikis (in a Nutshell)

Harubaru: Blah blah my cool DORAGAOON evolved! In your face Stiff Cacti Trio / Team Sprocket / Three Shadow Astronauts (LMAO Google translation) / whatever you call yourselves! BAKUTEKU SHINARI RISE SHUUUTO!!!

(Insert Flames here)

Karashina: Derp.

Harubaru: WHAAAAA?! Epic fail?!

Karashina: No need to use Ninja Dramu to insult your Epic Fail I guess.

Harubaru: :/

Raichi: My turn. BANKAI SHUUUUTO!!

Hollow: (Whiiiiirl whiiirlll)

Raichi: .......Noble Phantasm epic fail.

Karashina: Even the cool and calculating Lychee Black-Nothingness was unable to bend the BANKAI to his will. Cool hurricane attack though. However, our Infernal Formation is a lot cooler!

Shimo: You kids do realize that ShoPro wants us to wait another half-a-month before the Team Dragaon vs Shadow Sanjushi brawl would conclude. Good for their marketing strategy.

Keith Strife: good for me because I will see Karashina more. XDD

Karashina: 0__0

Next Episode

Advent of a Legend. Legend of Advent.............Densetsu no Kourin or however it's translated. -_-;

Monochrome Packaging

These are the official packaging for Aquos Gif Ginryu and the Proto Color BankaiTech and AmaterasuTech.

As you can see, Sega Toys got lazy this time around unlike when they released G Ganorada Silver Wing version with the packaging much better than the regular release (because of the full body pic of sexy King Harou *__* )

They reverted back to the monochrome packaging typically found in limited releases of Figmas in WonFest or those colorless lol wut BC series.

That's about it, folks. New Blog View either tomorrow or Wednesday. :)

"But I, being poor, have only my dreams. I had spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly because you are treading on my dreams." - W.B. Yeats 00:08, July 2, 2012 (UTC)

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