Back in that Blog Entry about BakuTech's pilot episode, an Anonymous User brought an end to the mystery of the names of the four Unknown Bakugan used by Harubaru and Raichi, two of each respectively. Their respective pages have been renamed as well.

Critical ko bakutech

Get your dough ready.

They are:

  • Razbatham --> Gas Burner - seriously, boring name...but makes sense somehow.
  • Nathanina --> Nata Nagina - Naginata means "Spear" in Japanese.
  • Shamash --> Sha Nojichi - I prefer "Shamash" actually.
  • Michalavrel --> Mica Laurel - which is destined to become the tallest Bakugan ever...and it really creeps me out.

{C}Source: Team Bakugan Blog

Making their first appearance in the anime (in Episode One) where they also appeared with Harubaru and Raichi's Bakugan deck. These really are not just BakuTech anime graphics, these could also be real products but that would be a mystery for now.

- Team Bakugan Blog

With this, BTD-03 (Dragon Deck) and BTD-04 (Demon Deck) may be the decks to contain Harubaru and Raichi's Bakugan shown in the first episode -- and probably another extra Flare Dragaon and Destroy Munikis (or let's hope it's 3rd Dragaon and Holo Munikis).


EDIT: BakuTech Anime Homepage

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PS: My next Blogview entry will be posted in a few days.

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