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Bishounen Warning ~ BakuTech Episode 20 Review!

Ryukou August 18, 2012 User blog:Ryukou

WARNING: This entry is about a really handsome guy.

Proceed with caution.

Le Translation De Geso

This is NOT a parody translation.

BakuTech Bakugan Episode 20: King Harou

Master Jyou: That man is Harou Dodgy. BakuTech Colisseo's three-time champion whose also known as King Harou.

Tatsuma: Eh? Eh? EEEEEEEEH???! I can't believe he's that awesome!!

Harou: Oops...

Tatsuma: What's with my seniors?

Harubaru and Raichi: *sobbing*

Tatsuma: Eh, tears?

Harubaru: WHY?! Why did you suddenly appeared after disappearing for such a long time?!

Harou: My bad. I had been too busy with Bakugan; Harubaru, Raichi. ^_^

Harubaru: Welcome back home you insensitive!

Tatsuma: Hey, seniors. You actually knew him?

Harubaru: We met him quite a long time ago.

Raichi: Yes, it was Big Bro Harou who taught us about Bakugan three years ago.


Harou: I see. So you two have nothing else to do and want to learn new things?

Chibi Harubaru / Chibi Raichi: Yes!

Harou: Then I should show you this. It's about Power, Technique, Strategy. It's just like the games that you play, a cut above any Sports Game. It's called Bakugan!

(Text: Phoenix G-Ganorada)

Harou: Bakugan is more than that.

Chibi Harubaru: AMAZIIIING! I want to learn about Bakugan!

Chibi Raichi: Me too.

Harou: Okay, I'll teach you.


Raichi: After that, Big Bro Harou left us to further train in the Bakugan Dojo

Harubaru: That's why we're here in the Dojo.

Master Jyou: Yes, That's so much like King Harou.

Harou: Harubaru, it's been a long time since I've seen you brawl. I would like to see how strong you've got.


Harubaru: Do I have what it takes to fight Big Bro Harou...let alone beat him?

Tatsuma: Harubaru is getting nervous. Just how awesome is this man...

Raichi: Initiate Battle, Bakugan Shoot!

Harubaru: Go!

Announcer: Rise Dragaon Stand!

Harou: Rise Dragaon, a fine partner but our combination can't lose to that. Behold, G-Ganorada!

Raichi: Huh, that stance!

Harou: BakuTech...BENDING SHOOT!

Harubaru: UWAAAAAH!!!!

Harou: That won't do, Ganorada is unstoppable! Which is why...

Harubaru: Waah!

Tatsuma: It won't stop moving!

Raichi: What?!

Announcer: G-Ganorada Stand. Critical K.O.!

Harou: ^_^

Raichi: That nearly unstoppable speed...

Harou: It's because of Ganorada's Gravity Ring feature. It repels other Bakugan in the field. Harubaru, it's your turn! ^_^

Harubaru: At this I really have any chance to win?

Harubaru: Oops!

Everyone: WOAH!!

Harou: That's way overboard!

Harubaru: Yeah...

Harou: Just like when I was just starting with Bakugan. I tried using every finger to shoot but to no avail.

Harubaru: It was quite difficult.

Harou: Just pour your heart into it.

Harubaru: Okay...

Harou: We're next, Ganorada.

Announcer: Ganorada Stand!

Harou: Harubaru. Give it your all! ^_^

Harubaru: Big Bro Harou...

Harubaru: ALRIGHT! Let's go Partner ~ GOOOOOOO!!!

(NEXT EPISODE ~ G-Ganorada)

...and today's TakuBech bishounen goodness was brought to you by MICA LAUREL-kun! :D

Bakugan BakuTech Anime Episode 2005:31

Bakugan BakuTech Anime Episode 20

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