The episode starts with Gif Ginryu being boasted off and Tatsuma yelling out "SO COOL!" Master Shimo gives Tatsuma the elusive Water Dragon to which he immediately asked for a crash course in BakuTech play styles. Harubaru and Raichi happily obliged to help the boy master his skills.

Featured Brawl (Not a real brawl)

  • Players

Harubaru Hinode (Flare Dragaon)
Raichi Kuronashi (Destroy Munikis)
Tatsuma (Gif Ginryu)

  • Round 1: Standing your BakuTech

Three Gate Cards are set on the field. Each player would simply roll their BakuTech and make it stand on the Gate Card.
Harubaru goes first then Raichi and lastly, the nervous Tatsuma who managed to make Gif stand in the first attempt. Not bad for a beginner.

  • Round 2: Critical Course (highly recommended in real life)

Four Gate Cards are set on the field with Mica Laurel standing in guard of the frontmost Gate Card.
Raichi stands his Munikis in the Gate Card behind Mica Laurel. He gets Level 1 clear.
Harubaru stands his Dragaon in the Gate Card behind Munikis. He gets Level 2 clear.
The nervous novice (who turns out to be a prodigy) stands his trollface dragon behind Dragaon. He gets Level 3 clear.

  • Round 3: Critical K.O. Test

Three Gate Cards are set on the field. Harubaru stands Dragaon in one of the Gate Cards. Tatsuma, still nervous, launches Gif Ginryu which became a pachinko ball but nonetheless ended up knocking Dragaon off the table.

Harubaru and Raichi gets reprimands from Master Shimo saying that they're beaten by a first timer. On the other hand, the two boys praise Tatsuma's LEET skills up to the end of the episode.

BakuTech Debuts

Gif Ginryu

BakuTech Seen

Flare Dragaon
Destroy Munikis
Mica Laurel

Next episode: Grif Brothers (Gurifu Kyoudai)
The much awaited debut of the Ventus and Haos Brawlers of Team Dragaon.

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