Oh god, I mistakenly posted this as a new article page 0________0 rather than a Journal Entry. Please delete that page, whoever can do it.

Now then. Today's BakuTech Episode is called "Weird Balancing Acts win Epic Lulz."

It showed us these most notable things:

  • The Shadow Sanjushi turn to Totem Poles when apologizing
  • Well Galow is a God Moding Rubber. Well, almost. That's until he got GEASSED by Zero Munikis.
  • Karashina may be handsome but he draws like a preschooler.

Now then, for the Blindsiding (by Sega Toys)

NEW BAKUTECHS. LOTS OF THEM!!! 0_______________0
...and by Blindsiding, I'm talking to you Pegasis/Unicorno/whatever! What are you doing out of the realm of Beyblade and into BakuTech?! 0__0;
I mean, it looks so awesome that it made Tatsuma's house pet look like a Couch Potato!

-ahem- but on the good side, there's the regular releases in Japanese Stores called Rise Deck and Hollow Deck which has the coolio Anime-exclusive Bakugan! :D I so can't wait for August! XD

Knowing Gif Ginryu's existence and the Red Stage Bakuthlon Card, surely the Gold Stage card will be obtained through the two new decks.

I left my house earlier (and did not translated Episode 12's digest)...this is in to the 10 previous weeks. This is in order to meet up with my contact to pre-order the BTD-03, BTD-04 and to sulk about the exclusive aqua dragon and unicorn. He told me that it may be possible for him to get the BakuThlon exclusive BakuTech but I must be ready to pay a considerable amount. Somewhat like the same as two BTDs for one. I told him that I'm fine with it and I got my fingers crossed. Wish us luck because we'll need it.

Many thanks to the Rhivana for the new drool-worthy pics and info XD

...and I bid you until next week with today's Takubech Lulz courtesy of Nintendocan.

Bakugan BakuTech Anime Episode 1105:30

Bakugan BakuTech Anime Episode 11


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