This idea was sparked by Bendo when he announced his findings on something that will be made into a blog about later this weekend. Airzel discussed more about comparing Techs and their BakuBody abilities, and the idea was brought up on a whole project: The BakuBody Project, where BakuTechs are studied to see the best way to effectively use their unique abilities. So far, Bendo, Airzel, and I (the lattermost being unable to do anything at this point XD) are the main "researchers", so to speak. This will involve EVERY. SINGLE. TECH. That means from Flare Dragaon all the way down to Gif Ginryu (Mira. XD). I'm compiling the chart now, and it'll be up on my deviantART when ready. Anyone can help with the project. But be warned. This is a project that seems like it'd take five minutes and one set of three trials to do for each BakuTech, but it really takes about 20+ minutes, SEVERAL sets of trials, and a TON of research to get it just right.

So far:

  • Airzel has claimed researching the Haos BakuTechs, Van Falco, and maybe some Aquos while he's at it.
  • Bendo is working on the Pyrus Techs and has Hammer Cannon and G Ganorada mostly analyzed already.
  • I have called dibs on Darkus, Subterra, and a little something with Blan Shoult. ;3

If you'd like to help, comment below. Any help is appreciated.

On behalf of the BBP team, this is DM signing off. The fear of the worst is greater than the actual danger. 03:02, April 28, 2012 (UTC)

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