it's been a while since I found something worthy of a blog :L

so yeah, not anything incredibly new, but I managed to get some screenshots off my iPod of some missing intermission screens from MS Arc 2. Found all four of the Mechtavius Mechtogan, Mechtavius himself, and Duomechtra.

The intermissions have someone speaking in the background during the episode, so I'll just put the quotes in captions to be efficient.

yeah, not the best quotes, but hey, it's MS Arc 2, not much good came from it in the first place.

On a second note, if you haven't seen my User Page, I will not be as active for a month or so due to getting a good start on studies at school. I will be on weekends at normal times, but I will almost never be on during the weekdays. I know you can't live without me being here, but you can deal :P

Oh, and these don't have those annoying little "Teletoon" and "CN" markers on them. :3 Love it.

That is all.

- Bendo - No serenity within agony. 22:28, August 25, 2012 (UTC)

UPDATE: WAIT, that isn't all. don't ask me why...but Coredegon has two intermission screens... :L

eh...the other one is better.

- Bendo - No serenity within agony. 22:42, August 25, 2012 (UTC)

UPDATE 2: Sorry, forgot to mention which episodes the intermissions were from.

Coredegon's first intermission (which is actually the second one I posted, my bad) is from Countdown to Doomsday. Coredegon's other intermission along with Slycerak's come from Doom Dimension Throwdown, with Mandibor and Exostriker in the following episode Blast from the Past. Mechtavius Destroyer and Duomechtra's intermissions are from Beginning of the End. If you're wondering about the final episode in MS Arc 2, it's Chromopod and Dan with Drago. You can find Chromopod's in his gallery, someone already uploaded his. Too lazy to find out who :3

As for all of the other episodes, it's all Wiseman and his Bakugan, the Brawlers and their Bakugan, and occasionally the fused Bakugan and Battle Suits. Pretty much every Battle Suit and every BakuFusion and Sky Raider combination has its own intermission, so let me know if you want a specific one, because I conveniently have every Arc 2 episode on my iPod.

HOPEFULLY that is all. .-. Getting tired of saying that.

- Bendo - No serenity within agony. 21:13, August 28, 2012 (UTC)

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