This is an Acro Gezard BlogView. Please enjoy.
YESH! IMMA BACK! well ... kinda ... SO YEAH, got a BlogView of my BRAND. NEW. ACRO. GEZARD. :D Life is good.
ANYWHO, time for the BlogView itself.

So yeah, Acro Gezard is an AMAZING piece of work. I mean seriously. It covers MORE than a gate. It actually covers about a gate and an eighth. Yeah, pretty cool. Anywho, it isn't very hard to close. See the instructions to see what I am talking about.
Acro Instructions

Well, Acro comes in three G-power variations. I got the weakest, which has 580. Yeah, it has this year's normal G-power trinity for the BakuTech. They range from 580 to 600, and I hear they come with either plastic or metal Crosses. So I got the weakest with the strongest body. Huh, cool.

ANYWHO, I also took some pics with my *suckish camera.

I also got some EPIC cards with my puny G-powered Acro.

My gate is Btc114ga copper Shadow Support, which allows the Brawler who set the gate to get +200 G depending on how many Bakugan he has standing on the field other than the one on the gate.

The ability is Btc384ab green The Roar to Victory, which gives the Bakugan you are using (as long as it is Subterra or Pyrus) +200 G for every Gate you have already won in the brawl. So yeah, Acro may be a little weak, but the ability and gate are AMAZING.

In conclusion, Acro is great. He is long, hard to beat, and totally cool looking.

ALSO, before I end this out, Bendo is right when calling Acro Gezard "Aero Lizard". Sometimes it will open with such force it actually jumps up, kinda ... like ... FALCO! :D ANYWHO, that is it. I'm done. Kthnxbai. GET OUT OF MAI BLO- aww, that isn't nice.

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