Hey, I'm back. Some stuff took longer than I thought it would.

A quick thanks to the people who watched over the Wiki while I was gone. You guys know who you are, so thanks.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that recently, we've had several users who have been "updating" Bakugan's abilities without providing where they got the data from. This has caused me to question my perception of reality, and I've decided to do what no sane man should ever do, rewatch all four seasons of Bakugan (at least the battle sequences) in order to get correct . I've had this idea for a while, just so we can set the record straight and stop having people change the abilities ever other day. I'm going to be adding the episode number in subtext next to the ability. This might cluster things up at the beginning, but it's a necessity for me to keep track of things, and we'll find a way to clean it up eventually, I'm sure of it...

I'd also like to suggest a new policy, but it's more something that would exist the Manuel of Style (which we've never updated or really paid attention too). I would like to suggest that if you're changing abilities, that you provide what episode the change is from. The episode data is much easier to organize, since you typically have a little header or something. (but it's also something we need to reorganize eventually...) If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to voice them in the comments.

"Finally, Abce2 decides to go off on a journey, and leaves his friends behind so they can rise to his level." -Abce2|Talk Contributions 21:41, December 16, 2016 (UTC)

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