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July 11, 2011
  • I live in At the end of Infinity
  • I was born on September 21
  • My occupation is Freelancer
  • I am A Woman addicted in Toys for Boys


Keith Strife (alias)

Justice without power is useless
Power without justice is tyranny.
First appearance July of 2011
Voiced by Gort Klaatu Barada Nikto
Age 26 (After Bakugan Armors)
Gender Female
Date of birth September 21, 1988
Race Human
Main attribute (Main attribute used by this battler) Haos Haos (formerly)
Currently None
Guardian Bakugan Haos Haos Magus Dallas (formerly)
Currently None

If you are new to Bakugan Wiki or simply haven't met me before; please do not be intimidated by my brutally honest exterior. If you need any help with something, never ever hesitate to ask or even just drop by to chat. I specialize in Bakugan, Beyblade and B-Daman. Kindness begets kindness from me always. :)

Favorite Series and Characters

My favorite Bakugan character is Keith Fermin aka: Spectra Phantom. My Wiki name "Keith Strife" is from his name and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. They look alike. XD

My favorite BakuTech character is Harou Kido.

In Beyblade, I like Yuriy Ivanov and Kira Hayama. Both of them have deep and intriguing back-stories that makes them a cut above the rest for me.

As for B-Daman, my favorite is Crash B-Daman and Kyousuke Arasaki rocks everyone's socks off. I also like Gray Michael Vincent from Battle B-Daman as a close second.

Other series I like are Kill la Kill. I love Inumuta~! Then there is Togainu no Chi and Rin's my cutie pie. Lastly, DRAMAtical Murder and Noiz is my kind of dude.

Collection Status

A memetic "wiseman" once said "One does not simply Morph Marbles." but I say "You can never have too much Morphing Marbles!" :D

  • Battle Brawlers - Just Need: Manion, Falconeer and Pyrus Infinity Dragonoid
  • New Vestroia - Just Need: Ventus Minx Elfin, Aquos Blast Elico (Anime Color), Vexos Dragonoid
  • Gundalian Invaders - Just Need: Mystic Chancer, Sprayzer, Volt Elezoid and Venoclaw
  • Mechtanium Surge - Badly Need: Haos Krowll and basically everything else from Arc 2
  • Marvel - Need them all!
  • BakuBlasters - Need them all! (Torpedo and Blast Dragonoid should both be Pyrus)
  • BakuTech - (see the Canon Bucket List below)
  • Jewelpet - Need Riru from Season 1 and everyone from Series 2
  • Zoobles - Nah, I'm cool. I'm just winging it.
  • Sacred Stone - I am halfway done and I can't find the rest!
  • Bao Wan Boy - Basically I need everything
  • Galaxia - Same goes for this

...and what the heck, Keith! Go update your Image Gallery already! XD

BakuTech Canon Bucket List

(It ain't over until I have all BakuTech that appeared in the anime series XD)

  • BCV-22 Acro Gezard Blue version
  • BCV-24 Dive Fujoe Black version
  • BCV-25 Dio Sivac Blue version
  • BTA-16 + BTD-08 Bujin Garyu
  • BTC-01~04 Fullmetal Flare Dragaon (Manga version)
  • BTC-59 Aquos Saint Aquas Kai
  • BTD-08 + BTD-09 Go Dragaon (Original Color)
  • BTD-08 + BTD-09 Jigen Garyu
  • BTD-09 + BTD-10 Jiba Dragaon
  • PROM-01 + BCV-20 Gif Jinryu First Form
  • Fire Sechs Tavanel [ORDERED]
  • Aqua Sechs Tavanel [ORDERED]
  • Gaia Sechs Tavanel [ORDERED]
  • Bright Sechs Tavanel [Still looking...]
  • Dark Sechs Tavanel [ORDERED]
  • Wind Sechs Tavanel [ORDERED]

Keith Strife's To-Do List

  • Rename plagiarized images with proper file names (KEITH, this is one of the things why you needed the Admin privileges: To finish what you started campaigning about in here!)
  • Scan (in Highest Possible Resolution), Translate and Upload Cards from the BakuTech Decks (Don't kill your eyes with small images from the internet. Just deal with what you actually have IRL)
  • Scan (in High Resolution) and Upload "Bakugan Evo Tournament" Manga (Even though you hate how Emo Play-boy Shun was portrayed here because "Cybrawler" is indeed a Mary Sue)
  • Scan (in High Resolution), Translate and Upload the BakuTech Manga (As in, all 10 Volumes. Because no task is too grueling if there's enough time and resources.)
  • Scan (in High Resolution) and Upload "Book of Bakugan BakuTech" (Almost there-!)
  • Translate the Useable Skills of Bakugan Armors (and while you're at it, scan also the instruction manuals)
  • Upload Bind System Individual Pictures (IT AINT PIC SPAM!)
  • Create the Bind System Table Matrix
  • Upload Armor Change System Individual Pictures (This Ain't Pic Spam Either!)
  • Create the Armor Change System Table Matrix
  • Write Episode Summaries for BakuTech! Bakugan Gachi (KEITH, it's those that you didn't wrote anymore because you "rage-quitted" but now that you're back, prove to them that you're loyal to the cause despite what happened)

On-Going Trades with Bakugan Wikia Members

'Note: I am not cancelling any of these trades'. I am not running away from it either.

I went on a huge hiatus because we moved residence. It was a trainwreck for the past few months. No decent internet and new uncharted territory. However, I'm still on with this trade as of the last months of 2014. I shall now await your response, guys!

  • Computer Bug
  • Rhivana
  • Nate Smith (Awaiting Reconfirmation)
  • Zachattack31 (Awaiting Reconfirmation)

Other Relevant Information

List of BakuTech Custom Stickers

  • BTC-01, BTC-15, BTD-01: Flare Dragaon Metal Cross Stickers [Have]
  • BTC-02, BTC-16: Destroy Munikis Metal Sole Stickers [Have]
  • BTC-08: Kilan Leoness Metal and Normal Cross Stickers [Want]
  • BTC-12: Gran Panzer Metal Cross Stickers [Have]
  • BTC-19: Flare Dragaon S Metal Cross and Destroy Munikis S Metal Sole Stickers [Want]
  • BTC-20: Flare Dragaon G Metal Sole and Gran Panzer G Metal Cross Stickers [Want]
  • BTD-12: Grif Deck Ion Gentei Rise Dragaon, Sanzu Hollowbos, Lashow Falco and Ogre Leoness Dress Stickers [Have]
  • PROM-02: Sechs Tavanel Attribute Stickers [Have]
  • Book of Bakugan BakuTech Furoku: Flare Dragaon, Destroy Munikis, Kilan Leoness and Van Falco Dress Stickers [Have]
  • Coro Coro Event SP: BakuTech Customize Stickers and Convert Parts (Recommended: Flare Dragaon and Destroy Munikis) [Want]

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