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July 11, 2011
  • I live in The Gates of Hell (according to Dan Brown's Inferno)
  • I was born on September 21
  • My occupation is Freelance Graphic Artist and CAD Modeller
  • I am A Woman addicted in Toys for Boys

But I, being poor, have only my dreams.

I had spread my dreams under your feet.

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

- Cloths of Heaven by W.B. Yeats

You Tread on my dreams.


I had been a lurker in Bakugan Wikia in the past year.

YES. I am here every single day, observing and editing as I please if something comes to mind but that's very rarely. I am not returning to my "regular tenure" here.

I am simply being here for updating traders and using the Wiki as a source of information.

In short, I'm a 3-year walk-in Wikia member and let it be like that for your own convenience. -_-;

Keith Strife's Future Plans (because I'm never gonna call it quits)

  • Scanning the Bakugan Evo Tournament manga
  • Obtaining High-Resolution RAWS and Scanlating SHINGO's BakuTech! Bakugan Manga Series. All 10 volumes of it.
  • Completing my Bakugan collection one way or another.

My Favorite Bakugan Pieces

See all my favorites and not-so-favorite pieces in my "Showroom Website" (Not yet updated as of January 2014)

On-Going Trades with Bakugan Wikia Members

'Note: I am not cancelling any of these trades'. I am not running away from it either.

I went on a huge hiatus because we moved residence. It was a trainwreck for the past few months. No decent internet and new uncharted territory. However, I'm still on with this trade as of October 2014. I shall now await your response, guys.

  • Rhivana
  • Nate Smith
  • Zachattack31

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