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Underground Take Down is the 22nd episode of Bakugan: New Vestroia. It aired on October 3, 2009.


Mira and Spectra are called to meet with Prince Hydron, who shows Mira his collection and later receives a message from his father, who is angered by the destruction of the other two controllers. Hydron then orders Mylene to divide and conquer the Resistance, since she has shown that they are weaker on their own. He also orders Lync to keep an eye on Spectra, and to make sure that his new Mechanical Bakugan is ready for battle. The Resistance arrives and Ace and Baron explain that the controller is underground and is the most powerful out of all the other controllers. They all head in, but they encounter Volt. Baron deals with Volt while the others proceed, discovering that Gamma City is not a real city, but a research facility. All of a sudden, Shadow Prove and Mylene appear. and Shun and Marucho step in to battle. Spectra takes Mira to see a team of special Mechanical Bakugan that he and Professor Clay had designed themselves and that they were intended for Hydron, but Spectra intends to make certain that they only obey him. Spectra then orders Mira and Gus to use the Bakugan to battle Dan and Ace to collect data on Drago and Percival. Meanwhile, the others gain the upper hand against the Vexos. Dan and Ace continue to the controller, but encounter Gus and Mira. Ace is shocked that Mira has truly betrayed them and Gus orders Mira to prove that she really is loyal to Spectra by brawling.

Bakugan Debuts

Bakugan Seen


  • The above Bakugan Traps made their official debut in containment.
  • This is the first time where all six attributes of Bakugan Traps are shown.
  • Elfin's voice changed from this episode on.
  • Ingram was referred to as "she" even though it is male stated on


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