Ultimate Bakugan Formation is a powerful fusion of multiple Bakugan, and in some occasions, other types of support pieces.

Known formations

User Bakugan/Bakugan Trap/System/Battle Gear/Mechtogan Ultimate Bakugan Formation
Dan Kuso Neo Dragonoid (7in1 Maxus)/Neo Dragonoid*†/Cross Dragonoid, Spitarm, Dark Hound, Grakas Hound, Grafias, Spyderfencer, Brachium

Maxus Dragonoid/Maxus Cross Dragonoid

Spectra Phantom Cyborg Helios/Helios MK2, Scraper, Klawgor, Foxbat, Fencer, Leefram, Spindle Maxus Helios/Maxus Helios MK2
Zenoheld Farbros, Assail System Assail Farbros
Dan Battalix Dragonoid/Blitz Dragonoid*, Axator Gear, Beamblitzer, Nukix Gear, Blasteroid, Dragonoid Colossus Dragonoid Colossus
Barodius Brawlacus Dharak/Dharak*, Smashtor, Riptor, Exokor, AirKor*† Dharak Colossus
Dan Commandix Dragonoid/Fusion Dragonoid*, Aerogan, Reptak*, Jaakor*, Dragonoid Destroyer Dragonoid Destroyer
Wiseman Coredegon, Slycerak, Mandibor, Exostriker Mechtavius Destroyer

*- Is only part of the Ultimate Bakugan Formation in the anime.

† - Indicates that this Bakugan cannot connect with the formation in the game, but can in the anime.


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