Turbine Helios
Turbine helios
Variations Viper Helios
Cyborg Helios
Helios MK2
Turbine Helios
Orbit Helios
Maxus Helios
Maxus Helios MK2
Infinity Helios
Mutant Helios

Turbine Helios is a Special Attack Bakugan.



Turbine Helios has a fiery hurricane attack. Green circles on its wings can deflect enemy fire. Can shoot multiple fire balls from its mouth.


It has the ability to spin in ball form without opening. All Turbine Helioses have a rectangular hole on one side of its body. You may use the ripcord for more than one Turbine Bakugan. Its G Power has been moved to make room for the ripcord. It resembles a regular Cyborg Helios. Haos version has 800 G-power, and the Ventus version has 630.

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