Tri-Color Fist

21q Tri-color Fist

BA603 GA kr


Bakugan owned by players with at least three different Attributes in the game get +100 G-Power.

Three Bakugan owned by players with the same Attribute in the game get +200 G Power.

Series: Bakugan: New Vestroia
Type: Copper Gate Card
Attribute Bonuses:
Pyrus Pyrus: 250
Aquos Aquos: 50
Subterra Subterra: 150
Haos Haos: 100
Darkus Darkus: 150
Ventus Ventus: 200

Featured With


  • In the Korean version of the card, Pyrus and Subterra Bakugan get 10 more Gate bonus Gs and Darkus Bakugan get 10 less Gate bonus Gs than the English version.

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