Trailing Asteria is a battle in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.


In this battle, you can only use Dan, Mira, Shun and Marucho.





Aquos/Pyrus/Ventus Clawsaurus

Haos/Darkus/Aquos Farakspin

Aquos/Haos Ramdol

Ventus/Haos Verias

Darkus Krowll


Wave 1:Aquos Clawsaurus x15

Wave 2:Aquos Clawsaurus x30

Wave 3:Haos Farakspin x15

Wave 4:Pyrus Clawsaurus x15

Wave 5:Aquos Ramdol x10/Pyrus Clawsaurus x10

Wave 6:Aquos Clawsaurus x10/Haos Farakspin x20

Wave 7:Aquos Ramdol x10/Darkus Farakspin x10/Aquos Clawsaurus x10

Wave 8:Darkus Farakspin x10

Wave 9:Darkus Farakspin x10/Ventus Clawsaurus x7

Wave 10:Aquos Farakspin x5

Wave 11:Haos Ramdol x10/Aquos Farakspin x5

Wave 12:Ventus Verias x10

Wave 13:Aquos Farakspin x10

Wave 14:Haos Verias x5

Wave 15:Aquos Clawsaurus x40

Wave 16:Darkus Krowll x1

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