The World of Tests is the world, that the Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia created. Every challenge included an illusionary person to battle. Dan, Shun, Julie, Runo and Marucho were sent there. Each one had to overcome something about one of their character traits that would help them in the future in order to leave.

Julie's Test

2011-04-14 1149
Julie's test was given to her by the Subterra warrior Clayf, who forced her to battle her older sister and overcome her fear of being inferior to her sister. During the fight, Gorem became Hammer Gorem.

Marucho's Test

2011-04-14 1412
Marucho's test was given to him by the Aquos warrior Frosch, who had him battle a younger version of himself and accept the way he used to be. Preyas spawned Preyas Angelo/Diablo, during the fight.

Runo's Test

Bakugan ep 32 g
Runo's test was given to her by the Haos warrior Lars Lion, she battled a very young Dan, with whom she met when she was younger. Her test was to overcome her stubbornness. During the fight, Tigrerra became Blade Tigrerra.

Shun's Test

Ventus challenge
Shun's test was issued to him by the Ventus warrior Oberus and she made him battle a young version of his mother and learn how to let go of his mother and move on with life. Skyress became Storm Skyress during the battle.

Dan's Test

Bakugan ep 33 i
Dan battled a clown. Dan finished the first half of his test but was not rewarded for it. The second half of the test was completed on Earth. It was given by the Pyrus soldier, Apollonir. Dan's test was to learn how to make the tough but necessary decisions of a leader.

Masquerade's Test

Bakugan ep 37 4
After the Brawlers passed their tests, Masquerade decided to go to the Doom Dimension to evolve Hydranoid or capture the Darkus warrior Exedra, who made him battle against an illusion of Alice. During the fight, Dual Hydranoid became Alpha Hydranoid.

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