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The Wind Maker is a battle in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.


In this battle, you can use any character except Eva. After finding out you need a Ventus DNA Fragment to follow Xeron, you go back to the forest and search for a bit when you find Alee-N8. You ask if he has a Ventus DNA Fragment, which he does but says you have to battle him and be victorious in order to get it.





  • Wave 1: Ventus Farakspin x1
  • Wave 2: Ventus Farakspin x2
  • Wave 3: Ventus Farakspin x4
  • Wave 4: Ventus Farakspin x2
  • Wave 5: Ventus Farakspin x4
  • Wave 6: Ventus Farakspin x5
  • Wave 7: Ventus Farakspin x10
  • Wave 8: Ventus Farakspin x10
  • Wave 9: Ventus Farakspin x20
  • Wave 10: Ventus Farakspin x15
  • Wave 11: Ventus Farakspin x30
  • Wave 12: Ventus Hawktor x1
  • Wave 13: Ventus Hawktor x2
  • Wave 14: Ventus Hawktor x1
  • Wave 15: Ventus Hawktor x2
  • Wave 16: Ventus Hawktor x4
  • Wave 17: Ventus Hawktor x5
  • Wave 18: Ventus Hawktor x10
  • Wave 19: Ventus Hawktor x10
  • Wave 20: Ventus Hawktor x20
  • Wave 21: Ventus Hawktor x15
  • Wave 22: Ventus Hawktor x30
  • Wave 23: Ventus Farakspin x30/Ventus Hawktor x30

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