The Top Brawlers were once Masquerade's minions that were the top ranked brawlers in the world and the top in their attributes. They were brainwashed by Masquerade when they were transported to Old Vestroia, and were brainwashed by Naga using Negative Energy. All of them were defeated by the Battle Brawlers and eventually were freed from Naga's control and lost their rankings to each of the Brawlers. Julio, Chan Lee, and Klaus decided to team up after the three of them lost in a tag battle with Runo, Dan, and Marucho. They then got each one of their Guardian Bakugan sent to the Doom Dimension although all of them were reunited later.

The Brawlers

The New Ranked Brawlers

The Resistance Ranking

The New Resistance Ranking

The Vexos

Newly Ranked Vexos

  • Zenoheld- The Leader. The 1st ranked Vexos Brawler after Spectra's betrayal. His Guardian was Farbros. (Deceased)
  • Hydron- The Vice Leader. 2nd ranked Vexos Brawler after Gus' betrayal. His Guardian was Dryoid. (Betrayed, Deceased)
  • Mylene Farrow- The 3rd ranked Vexos Brawler. Her Guardians was Elico and Macubass. (Presumed Deceased)
  • Shadow Prove- The 4th ranked Vexos Brawler. His Guardians was MAC Spider. (Presumed Deceased)
  • Volt Luster- The 5th ranked Vexos Brawler. His Guardian was Boriates. (Betrayed, Presumed Deceased)
  • Lync Volan- The 6th ranked Vexos Brawler. His Guardians was Aluze. (Betrayed, Presumed Deceased)

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders Interspace Ranking

The Twelve Orders

Gundalian Agents

The Fragmented Twelve Orders

  • Barodius- The Leader. The 1st ranked Brawler and the 1st ranked Darkus Brawler. His Guardian was Phantom Dharak. He is Mutated by Code Eve.
  • Gill- The 2nd ranked Brawler and the 1st ranked Pyrus Brawler. His Guardian was Krakix. His Gundalian Ship Destroyed.
  • Airzel- The 3rd ranked Brawler and the 1st ranked Ventus Brawler. His Guardian was Strikeflier. Destroyed with Gill.
  • Kazarina- The 4th ranked Brawler and the 1st ranked Haos Brawler. Her Guardian was Lumagrowl. Kazarina Killed by Gill.
  • Stoica- The 5th ranked Brawler and the 1st ranked Aquos Brawler. His Guardian was Lythirus. Destroyed by Phantom Dharak.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Arc 1

Ranked ​Brawlers

Other ​Brawlers

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Arc 2

Ranked ​Brawlers

Other Brawlers

  • Mira Clay - The Subterra brawler in the Battle Brawlers. Her guardian is Roxtor (borrowed by Marucho).
  • Runo Misaki - The Haos brawler in the Battle Brawlers. Her guardian is Aerogan.

Bakugan Video Game

In the Bakugan Battle Brawlers (video game), when you finally beat Marduk and Vladitor/Battle Ax Vladitor with Leonidas/Omega Leonidas, you become ranked 1st (following everyone else, including Marduk).

*If you finished the game: Player- 1st. His guardian is Omega Leonidas.

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