The Last Stand is the second last battle in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.


In this battle, you can use any character you want. After defeating Dr. Xeron, you confront Emperor Hurranos. He tells you his power is absolute and his empire will reign and you get ready to battle. After defeating him, he says he was only showing a brief demonstration of his power and shows a Bakugan that Dan recognizes.





Wave 1: Haos Farakspin x5

Wave 2: Haos Farakspin x5

Wave 3: Haos Ramdol x10/Haos Farakspin x10

Wave 4: Haos Clawsaurus x10/Haos Ramdol x10/Haos Farakspin x10

Wave 5: Haos Farakspin x30

Wave 6: Haos Verias x1

Wave 7: Haos Ramdol x15

Wave 8: Haos Clawsaurus x30

Wave 9: Haos Verias x5

Wave 10: Haos Clawsaurus x45

Wave 11: Haos Verias x5

Wave 12: Haos Krowll x4

Wave 13: Haos Dryoid x2/Haos Clawsaurus x30

Wave 14: Haos Hawktor x1

Wave 15: Haos Krowll x10

Wave 16: Haos Krowll x5/Haos Clawsaurus x10

Wave 17: Haos Clawsaurus x30

Wave 18: Haos Hawktor x5

Wave 19: Haos Krowll x10

Wave 20: Haos Clawsaurus x45

Wave 21: Haos Premo Vulcan x1

Wave 22: Haos Krowll x10/Haos Dryoid x1

Wave 23: Haos Krowll x10

Wave 24: Haos Hawktor x14

Wave 25: Haos Premo Vulcan x2

Wave 26: Haos Hawktor x9

Wave 27: Haos Premo Vulcan x2

Wave 28: Haos Premo Vulcan x3/Haos Hwktor x10 Wave 29: Haos Premo Vulcan x4

Wave 30: Haos Premo Vulcan x5

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