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The Doom Beings are the major villains of the first season. They were created by Naga with the purpose to rule Earth and Vestroia, but once the Perfect Core was created, the positive and negative energies were absorbed and linked into one (this happened in the season finale). Naga was then sent to the Doom Dimension by the Battle Brawlers and the group broke up.

Former Leader(s) (anime)

Identity Current Guardian Bakugan Past Guardian Bakugan
Silent Naga Naga/Silent Naga None None

Former Main Member(s)

Identity Current Guardian Bakugan Past Guardian Bakugan
Hal-G    Hal-G None Naga/Silent Naga
Image1 1 Masquerade None Reaper & Alpha Hydranoid

Minor Members (other media)

Bakugan video game
Battle Trainer video game
The Evo Tournament manga

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