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Subterra (サブテラ, Sabutera?) is the Attribute of Earth.

Clayf was the Legendary Soldier of Subterra, before giving his Attribute Energy to Thunder Wilda evolving him into Magma Wilda.
Subterra element

Subterra Attribute symbol

Notable Anime Users

Brawler Guardian Bakugan
Julie Makimoto GoremHammer Gorem (Former)
Billy Gilbert Cycloid
Illusionary Daisy Makimoto Clayf (Deceased)
Gus Grav Premo VulcanRex Vulcan
Mira Clay Thunder WildaMagma Wilda (Former)
Hydron (Deceased) Dryoid (Destroyed)
Jake Vallory Coredem (Former)
Nurzak Sabator (Former)
Mason Brown Avior
Paige Boulderon
Chris Vertexx (Given and taken by Sellon) (Deceased)
Noah Ziperator
Wiseman (Deceased) Stronk (Deceased)
Marucho Marukura Roxtor (Temporary)

Video Games

Color Scheme

Earlier Subterra Bakugan had a dark brown body with orange highlights. However, along the airing of Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Subterra Bakugan's main body color had been changed into light brown with bronze highlight.

Like the toys, body color of Subterra Bakugan in ball form had changed from dark brown in Bakugan Battle Brawlers (except Hammer Gorem) to light brown in Bakugan: New Vestroia. The Subterra soldier of Vestroia is Clayf. The current soldiers are Gorem, Thunder Wilda, Coredem, Boulderon, and Roxtor.

The Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders color scheme of Subterra is mainly light brown with solid dark brown highlight.

Relations with Other Attributes

Bakugan Dimensions Fighting Styles


The symbol of the Subterra attribute is derived from the Han character for Earth, (tsuchi). The name comes from the word "subterranean", "sub" meaning under and "terra" originating from the Latin word tierra meaning Earth.


  • It is the only Attribute whose name does not to end with an S and instead starts with S. It is also the longest.
  • It, along with the Pyrus attribute, has no female Bakugan in the Anime. Although in the Japanese version Avior was apparently female, making Avior the only female Subterra Bakugan.
  • On Bakugan Dimensions, Subterra Bakugan have the most Strength and Life, but lack in Agility and Will.
  • Jake Vallory is the only male main protagonist who uses the Attribute. The majority of Subterra brawlers are female.
  • The word Terra means "Earth" and the prefix Sub- means "Below".
  • In Bakugan Dimensions, almost all fighting styles have Coredem on them.
  • In Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, the main Subterra brawlers (Mason Brown, Nurzak and Jake Vallory) were evil or good at times in the show, and eventually all of them fought against Barodius, defending Neathia and the Sacred Orb.
    • Also, these brawlers have survived throughout the whole show, where as at least one major character in the Gundalian Invaders (e.g. The Major Twelve Orders members) have died with their main attribute being anything other than Subterra. This means that Subterra is the only attribute in Gundalian Invaders where none of the main characters that have this attribute died.