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SA Sprayzer

Sprayzer is a Super Assault Bakugan.



Sprayzer has pinchers and shields on both arms and it is always difficult to attack. His dragon-like tail allows him to battle two monsters at once. The head is protected by a sharp horn. He has muscular legs, so he can leap and slam down onto his rival in the battle arena.

Physical Game

It is part of the BakuVice series. The Aquos and Darkus versions have 900 Gs, the Haos version has 880 Gs, and the Ventus version has 880 Gs. It is one of the two Super Assaults which can connect to Battle Gear, the other being Ziperator. It was released in small amounts.


  • He has a resemblance to Hammersaur , Anchorsaur, Seis Tavanel, Reptak, and Splight.
  • Sprayzer's head in ball form looks similar to Mutant Helios/ Helios MK2's head in ball form.
  • Despite the fact that it can connect to Battle Gear in real life, it cannot support Battle Gear on Bakugan Dimensions, due to it being a Super Assault.