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BK Spidaro
Attribute Haos Haos
Subterra Subterra
Pyrus Pyrus
Ventus Ventus
Aquos Aquos
First appearance The Secret Package

Spidaro (Japanese version Spid (スピッド Supiddo) is a spider-like Bakugan. Its ball form looks similar to Hakapoid's.



Spidaro is a spider-like Bakugan that stands up on his legs. Each arm has two long sickles that slash his rivals. A paralyzing plasma beam shoots from the top of his head. He can curl up under the shell attached to his body and ram the enemy.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

A group of Subterra Spidaroes first appeared in Episode 11 of Gundalian Invaders battling with enslaved Earth children, along with a group of Jetroes and Luxtors, to help to break through the Neathian shield.

In episode 14, an army of Pyrus Spidaroes appeared in a battle against the Neathians.

In episode 22, another army of Pyrus Spidaroes appeared.

In episode 30, a Pyrus Spidaro appeared trying to defend Gundalia, but was defeated by Hawktor.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

In episode 1, a Ventus Spidaro was seen brawling a Fangoid.

In episode 7, a Pyrus Spidaro was used by the Bash Brothers to battle against Horridian.

In episode 8, Taylean defeated one in Bakugan Interspace.

In episode 10, an Aquos Spidaro is noticeable during the battle royale.

In episode 12, some Pyrus, Haos, and Aquos ones appeared alongside two Raptorixes.

In episode 21, Soon had a Haos Spidaro and fought the Chaos Bakugan with it.

Ability Cards
  • Ghoul Cannon: (Pyrus/Subterra)
  • Drain Impact (Brain Impact): (Pyrus)
  • Darring Arrow: (Haos)


It is a BakuCloser Bakugan. The Subterra version has 900 Gs or 700 Gs. A Darkus Spidaro has 800 Gs. Pyrus Spidaroes have 770 Gs or 870 Gs.


  • Its description on Bakugan Dimensions noted it being mechanical, but Spidaro showed no mechanical qualities in its few anime appearances.
  • Its ability Drain Impact has a different effect in Mechtanium Surge than it did in Gundalian Invaders.
  • Spidaro looks very similar to Krowll. They both take on the form of huge arachnid Bakugan, and seem to stand up the same way.

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