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Silver is an Attribute that is found on Bakugan Battle Gear and BakuNano. A Silver Battle Gear is most useful on a Silver Gate Card, because it allows the Gear to access any one of the abilites on its Reference Card. A Silver Bakugan Battle Gear will have silver highlights in certain areas.

Some characters with Silver Battle Gear in the anime are:

Some characters with Silver BakuNano in the anime are:


  • All of Drago's Battle Gear and BakuNano are silver.
  • On Bakugan Dimensions, all Silver BakuNano gives Strength.
  • Silver is the most common of the three Weapon Attributes.
  • In Bakugan Dimensions, all of Dragonoid Colosuss' Battle Gear are Silver, while only two of them are Silver in real life.


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