Shadow Vulcan
BK Shadow Vulcan
Variations Premo Vulcan
Rex Vulcan
Shadow Vulcan

Shadow Vulcan (シャドウ・バルカン Shadou Barukan) is a Bakugan and a variation of Vulcan.



Shadow Vulcan is a massive creature that towers over most opponents. The metal rings attached to Vulcan’s body illuminate and spinning rings deflect enemy fire. Vulcan’s mighty punches can extinguish fire balls. His gigantic fists can shoot out from its arm to form rocket punches. Shadow Vulcan in ball form is similar to Hammer Gorem and has feet similar to Spin Dragonoid. It also has fold out horns somewhat like Gargonoid.


In the game, Shadow Vulcan, like Juggernoid, has a Weighted Base, allowing it to perform a Critical K.O. with ease. This also allows it to jump when it rolls over a Gate Card, similar to Special Attack Boost Ingram.

Its highest G-Power is 710 in Subterra. A translucent Darkus Shadow Vulcan has 560 Gs. A regular Darkus Shadow Vulcan has 590 Gs. It has 690 Gs in a Haos attribute.


In the episode What's the Plan?, Shadow Prove is mistakenly referred to as Shadow Vulcan when they are introducing the Vexos.

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