Saving Marucho is a battle in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.


In this battle, you can only use Dan or Mira. After getting Marucho's transmission and defeating Asteria, you head back to the Desert but you can't get by due to the rocks. You meet up with a Hurranian scientist who says he has a Subterra DNA Fragment but you need to get something for him from Omnicron. So, you head back, get what he needs and you will get the Fragment. After breaking the rocks, you move forward and you can see Marucho being trapped Typhoon. After a few words, you battle against him. This battle has 13 waves in total.





Haos /Darkus Farakspin

Pyrus /Ventus Clawsaurus

Aquos /Haos/Pyrus Ramdol

Pyrus Dryoid

Aquos/Pyrus Premo Vulcan

Haos/Ventus Verias


Wave 1:Haos Farakspin x5

Wave 2:Aquos Ramdol x7/Pyrus Clawsaurus x7

Wave 3:Haos Farakspin x10

Wave 4:Aquos Ramdol x10/Haos Farakspin x5/Pyrus Clawsaurus x5

Wave 5:Haos Ramdol x12

Wave 6:Ventus Clawsaurus x10/Pyrus Dryoid x1

Wave 7:Aquos Premo Vulcan x1

Wave 8:Haos Farakspin x10

Wave 9:Darkus Farakspin x10

Wave 10:Haos Verias x5

Wave 11:Pyrus Ramdol x20

Wave 12:Ventus Verias x10

Wave 13:Pyrus Premo Vulcan x1

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