BK CD 2 Robotallion
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Aquos Aquos
Ventus Ventus
Subterra Subterra
Haos Haos
Darkus Darkus
Power 300 Gs
First appearance The Battle Begins

Robotallion (Japanese version 'Garrison' (ガリソン Garison)) is an advanced robot-like Bakugan.



Robotallion has metal shielding, claws and blades in its body. It is capable of slicing cleanly through any substance. It serves and protects its allies in battle.


Though he was never seen using it, Shuji states that Dan had defeated his Ventus Gargonoid and Robotallion before he used Falconeer.

Runo and Joe had Haos Robotallions, another Haos Robotallion was used in Runo's test set by Lars Lion.

Kosuke also had a Darkus Robotallion.

Dan had a Pyrus Robotallion which was sent to the Doom Dimension by Reaper. Kenta also owned a Pyrus Robotallion.

Marucho's Aquos Robotallion was sent to the Doom Dimension by Kosuke's Darkus Robotallion. Aquos Robotallions were also owned by Rikimaru and Christopher.

A few Ventus Robotallions were seen in the fight against Naga when they were versing Tayghen and a Subterra one was seen battling Naga's forces as well.

Ability Cards
  • Robotallion Enforcement: Adds 50 Gs to Robotallion for the rest of the game.
  • Ability Counter (Counter Ability): Nullifies the opponent's ability.

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