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Razor Spin
Special Ability For Hyper Pulsor
Type Heavy Attack

Razor Spin was Hyper Pulsor's Special Ability in Bakugan Dimensions.


It is a Heavy Attack that can only be played on your first action. It has a Cooldown of 3 turns. It can only be played at Close Range.


  • Heavy Attack

Special Ability For

Usable Ranges

  • Close


  • 3 Turns


  • Most people say that Hyper Pulsor's Razor Spin is a downgraded form of Boomix's Charge Blast ability on Bakugan Dimensions. This is probably due to the fact Boomix could also be used at Mid Range and didn't have to be on the first action.
  • Strangely, Hyper Pulsor is shown as a staff in this ability's art, while in the anime, it resembles a satellite cannon.
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