Orbit Helios
BK SA Orbit Helios
Variations Viper Helios
Cyborg Helios
Maxus Helios
Orbit Helios
Turbine Helios
Helios MkII
Maxus Helios MkII
Infinity Helios
Mutant Helios

Orbit Helios (Japanese version 'Orbit Eos' (オービット・エーオス)) is a Bakugan which is a variation of Helios and part of the Special Attack series.



Orbit Helios is a green eyed Special Attack Bakugan. Horns cover its head and body. Special claws on its wings make it quite difficult to defeat. Its strong tail can knock over the strongest of opponents.


Orbit Helios in the game is very different from the one in the poster. It is part of the Bakugan Special Attack Series. It doesn't need to be wound up, unlike most other Spin Bakugan. While he is not on a card, he locks into place and cannot manually spin. It is the only version of Helios that spins automatically while opening. The Aquos version has 680 G. Its Haos version also has 680 G. Its Subterra version has 690 G and the Ventus version has 720 G.

In Japan, its Ventus version in BTC-10 comes with 500 G, 520 G, or 540 G.

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