Omega Leonidas
Omega Leonidas
Attribute Haos Haos
Subterra Subterra
Ventus Ventus
Darkus Darkus
Pyrus Pyrus
Aquos Aquos
Power Wii: 605 (max)

DS: 990 (max) Gs

Variations Leonidas
Omega Leonidas
How've you been, partner?

—Omega Leonidas to the player

Omega Leonidas (オメガレオニダス Omega Reonidasu) is the only existing evolution of Leonidas in the Bakugan video game. It evolves to defeat Battle Ax Vladitor, staying as the player's Guardian Bakugan even after fading upon Vladitor's defeat.



Omega Leonidas, being the player's Leonidas in its evolved state, now has two large horns protruding from its muzzle, one smaller than the other, while two horns just off its eyebrows, giving it an appearance similar to Neo Dragonoid (even though the Bakugan Video Game is set in the original Bakugan series). Spikes run along his back and tail. Leonidas's general color scheme is set in various color tones based on its owner's customized attribute. Large claws on its three-fingered hands and two-toed feet make even Leonidas's body a valuable weapon.

Video Game

In the final battle with Marduk, Vladitor had evolved to become Battle Ax Vladitor. To counter his foe, Leonidas evolved into Omega Leonidas via the energy of other Battle Brawlers's Bakugan. As Omega Leonidas, it is a level 3 but at some points, it is at level 2. After the battle, both Leonidas and Vladitor faded out of existence. Both Marduk and the player saddened at the loss of their partners, though the player was reunited with his Guardian Bakugan at the fountain in the Park, where they first met, through the last strength of Battle Ax Vladitor. It was then that the two vowed to be partners for as long as possible.

Ability Cards

  • Omega Eraser: Adds 200 Gs to Omega Leonidas.


  • Omega Leonidas is the strongest Bakugan in the Bakugan Video Game.
  • On the Nintendo DS version, G-Power boosts for every Attribute on Omega Leonidas' Gate Card is 200 Gs.
  • Leonidas is the only main Bakugan who was not seen battling Naga's forces. Some would say that is false due to the fact that he faced Vladitor. However, Vladitor was an independent antagonist Bakugan looking toward his own regime as he actually did disobey Hal-G and possibly Naga.
  • Timeline-wise, Omega Leonidas was the first Fusion Bakugan. He is also the second Bakugan to possess power from Vestroia's Core(In this case, the silent orb). Omega Leonidas is technically 2 variants. One being Omega Leonidas with the other Bakugan's powers, the other being Omega Leonidas who was given the rest of Vladitor's powers, which includes the silent orb itself.
  • Considering that Leonidas defeated Battle Axe Vladitor who in the home-console version was 750 Gs, and in the portable version, probably much higher, this could easily make Omega Leonidas the only single evolution Bakugan with an attribute to actually be strong enough to defeat Alpha Hydranoid and/or Ultimate Dragonoid. This also makes Omega Leonidas the 4th strongest Bakugan in all of Season 1 following Silent Naga, Infinity Dragonoid, and Perfect Dragonoid.
  • Leonidas is the only Bakugan in season 1, who was sent to evolve in the Doom Dimension, that didn't face one of the six legendary soldiers of Vestroia. However, Leonidas still faced a predecessor of his which was Battle Ax Vladitor.
    • Drago fought Apollonir.
    • Preyas fought Frosch.
    • Tigrerra fought Lars Lion.
    • Skyress fought Oberus.
    • Gorem fought Clayf.
    • Hydranoid fought Exedra.
  • By the looks of the setting that the Haos Tournament took place where all protagonist Bakugan(besides Leonidas) were in their evolved forms, and where Hydranoid was in his evolved form. If the game had to be as related to the Anime series as possible. The Haos Tournament most likely was already in the Doom Dimension. This could mean quite a few possibilities.
    • Marduk had the ability to send the Player to the Doom Dimension without battling him.(Possible explanation)
    • Marduk defeated the Player before and the Player chased Leonidas and got knocked out, woke up, and thought it was a dream.(Least likely explanation)
    • Leonidas sent the Player to the Doom Dimension to make the Player oblivious to the other Brawlers being in the Doom Dimension.(Not likely, but it's a possibility as Leonidas was already feeling guilt and didn't want the Player to feel the same)
    • Leonidas sent the Player to the Doom Dimension by request.(In other words, he wanted to save the Brawlers)(Also very likely)
    • Naga or Hal-G sent them to the Doom Dimension to keep the Player and Leonidas busy while Naga was thinking of what to do with Marduk and Vladitor(Hal-G did say to Vladitor that a "deal" was off and Vladitor took the Silent orb to be defeated as Hal-G was warning Vladitor not to do, this meant Hal-G and Naga were desperate)(Also very likely)
    • Leonidas did nearly kill Vladitor in the Doom Dimension, but when Vladitor revived Leonidas out of heart, the soldiers of Vestroia had forgiven Vladitor, they revived Vladitor again. Also implying that the Player was the last of the 6 Brawlers to complete his test.(Otherwise Vladitor would remain dead as the six soldiers of vestroia would have to be in favor of the Brawlers, including Leonidas as he was a very strong ally to Drago who was the 5th testee who fought Apollonir who was the leader of the six soldiers of vestroia)(Very likely explanation)
  • Leonidas was most likely intended to be a Haos Bakugan for quite a few reasons.
    • His signature Ability Cards(Alpha Blaster and Omega Eraser) and Gate Cards(the ones with his names on it) shown him Haos attribute.
    • The last tournament before the Doom Dimension was revealed was a Haos Tournament.(As the Brawlers's times in the Doom Dimension were good times gone bad and as the Tournaments were a good time for the Player Character, this could mean that the Player was in the Doom Dimension already seeming like he was on a huge winning spree)
    • Leonidas's signature attacks(Alpha Eraser and Omega Eraser), when his signature abilities were used, were actually fired in forms of brighter colored plasma that would contrast to a dark area, which are typically fired in the same brightness as "Haos" abilities.
    • 2nd life Omega Leonidas was the only Bakugan with Vestroian Core powers(The remains of the silent orb that Vladitor had) that did not have any crystal on his chest. However, since Leonidas's armor was most likely metallic, that could be where the orb's energy resided.

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