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How've you been, partner?
—Omega Leonidas to the player

Omega Leonidas (オメガレオニダス, Omega Reonidasu?) is the only existing evolution of Leonidas in the Bakugan video game. It evolves to defeat Battle Ax Vladitor, staying as the player's Guardian Bakugan even after fading upon Vladitor's defeat.



Omega Leonidas, being the player's Leonidas in its evolved state, now has two large horns protruding from its muzzle, one smaller than the other, while two horns just off its eyebrows, giving it an appearance similar to Neo Dragonoid (even though the Bakugan Video Game is set in the original Bakugan series). Spikes run along his back and tail. Leonidas's general color scheme is set in various color tones based on its owner's customized attribute. Large claws on its three-fingered hands and two-toed feet make even Leonidas's body a valuable weapon.

Video Game

In the final battle with Marduk, Vladitor had evolved to become Battle Ax Vladitor. To counter his foe, Leonidas evolved into Omega Leonidas via the energy of other Battle Brawlers's Bakugan. As Omega Leonidas, it is a level 3 but at some points, it is at level 2. After the battle, both Leonidas and Vladitor faded out of existence. Both Marduk and the player saddened at the loss of their partners, though the player was reunited with his Guardian Bakugan at the fountain in the Park, where they first met, through the last strength of Battle Ax Vladitor. It was then that the two vowed to be partners for as long as possible.

Ability Cards

  • Omega Eraser: Has a different effect depending on the game version:
    1. Adds 200 Gs to Omega Leonidas. (Nintendo DS)
    2. Adds 400 Gs to Omega Leonidas. (Wii)


  • On the Nintendo DS version, G-Power boosts for every Attribute on Omega Leonidas' Gate Card is 200 Gs, despite the card picture in the store saying otherwise (before you buy it).
  • Leonidas is the only main Bakugan who was not seen battling Naga's forces. Some would say that is false due to the fact that he faced Vladitor. However, Vladitor was an independent antagonist Bakugan looking toward his own regime as he actually did disobey Hal-G and possibly Naga.
  • Leonidas was most likely intended to be a Haos Bakugan for quite a few reasons.
    • His signature Ability Cards (Alpha Blaster and Omega Eraser) and Gate Cards (the ones with his names on it) shown him Haos attribute.
      • Interestingly when his signature abilities were used, were actually fired in forms of bright colored plasma that would contrast to a dark area, which are typically fired in the same brightness as Haos abilities.
    • The last tournament before the Doom Dimension was revealed was a Haos Tournament. (As the Brawlers' times in the Doom Dimension were good times gone bad and as the Tournaments were a good time for the Player Character, this could mean that the Player was in the Doom Dimension already seeming like he was on a huge winning spree)