Mystic Elico
BK SA Mystic Elico
Variations Elico
Blast Elico
Mystic Elico

Mystic Elico (original version Mystic DiceThrow (ミスティック・ダイススロー Misutikku DaisuSurō)) is a dice throwing Bakugan. It can change its G-Power with a G-Power Dice.



Mystic Elico is a Special Attack Bakugan that feeds off the energy of other Bakugan. It has multiple tails with spears on the tip to thwart many enemies at once. Pointy spikes stick out from its knees and elbows making this Bakugan difficult to attack. Slow to move, Mystic Elico uses its massive strength to battle and defeat its brawlers. Never afraid of a battle, Elico was born to be a soldier. On the battlefield, Elico throws a die to determine its devastating G-Power.


It is part of the Bakugan Special Attack series. There are confirmed the Aquos and Subterra versions and the commercial shows a Haos version, the commercial also shows a Darkus version (in ball form). The Darkus Elico has 800-750-700-650-400-200 Gs.


  • Italy and Argentina released a Pyrus version of Mystic Elico.

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