I can feel the power of all six Attributes! Not just Pyrus, but Ventus, Subterra, Aquos, Haos, and Darkus.

Maxus Helios, Ultimate Bakugan

Maxus Helios
BK Maxus Helios
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Subterra Subterra
Haos Haos
Darkus Darkus
Aquos Aquos
Ventus Ventus
Power 3700 Gs
Variations Viper Helios
Cyborg Helios
Turbine Helios
Helios MK2
Orbit Helios
Maxus Helios
Maxus Helios MK2
Infinity Helios
Mutant Helios
First appearance Ultimate Bakugan

Maxus Helios (アルティメット・ヘリオス Arutimetto Heriosu, Original version Ultimate Helios) is a deadly Bakugan that is made of seven Bakugan fused together.


Maxus Helios is formed by combining seven different Bakugan: Cyborg Helios, Subterra Scraper, Ventus Klawgor, Darkus Foxbat, Pyrus Fencer, Aquos Leefram and Haos Spindle. It can battle as one mighty united force. Each Bakugan that composes Maxus Helios can also be used individually in battle. Even after Cyborg Helios is upgraded to its Mark 2 version, it can still form Maxus Helios. Maxus Helios has giant wings to blow away the competition, and huge legs to crush everything in his way. All of the Bakugan in this set are gray, with their attribute's colors as highlights. In Defenders of the Core, the pieces are called traps, even though they are normal balls.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

Maxus Helios appears in Ultimate Bakugan when Cyborg Helios combined with Scraper, Klawgor, Foxbat, Fencer, Leefram and Spindle. He battles Maxus Dragonoid until Reunion but there was no victory between the two of them.

Ability Cards
  • Ventus Air Saw: Subtracts 200 Gs from the opponent. (Ventus)
  • Subterra Spartan: Adds 200 Gs to Maxus Helios. (Subterra)
  • Pyrus Spear: Adds 200 Gs to Maxus Helios. (Pyrus)
  • Darkus Slave: Subtracts 400 Gs from the opponent. (Darkus)
  • Subterra Gravity: Adds 500 Gs to Maxus Helios. (Subterra)
  • Darkus Beagilita: Subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent. (Darkus)
  • Haos Sheria: Adds 500 Gs to Maxus Helios. (Haos)
Fusion Ability Cards
  • Pararidle Fire: Adds 600 Gs to Maxus Helios. (Aquos, Haos and Pyrus)
  • Ultimate Striker: Subtracts 1200 Gs from the opponent. (all six Attributes)
Defenders of the Core Ability Cards
  • Mega Blaze: (Pyrus, Aquos, Haos)
  • Inferno: (Pyrus)
  • Burning Roar: (Pyrus)
  • Flame Shield: (Pyrus)


In the Game, Maxus Helios was released in two variations. It was released in the normal BakuFrost and in the Toys"R"Us Special Color Variation. The BakuFrost Variation was a Mixture of a White Body with the Attribute Highlights. However the Toys"R"Us Variation had a Grey Body with the Attribute Highlights. Both had cost between twenty and seventy US Dollars. The Normal Maxus Helios parts could be bought individually but the Toys"R"Us Exclusive could only be bought in a Set. The Pyrus Cyborg Helios enclosed had the Grey Special Treatment and had 650 Gs.

Cyborg Helios: Pyrus / 650 Gs

Scraper: Subterra / 660 Gs

Clawgor: Ventus / 590 Gs

Foxbat: Darkus / 600 Gs

Fencer: Pyrus / 500 Gs

Spindle: Haos / 550 Gs

Leefram: Aquos / 570 Gs


  • Of the six "ultimate formations" introduced, Maxus Helios is the only one whose components can all be obtained separately.
  • In Defenders of the Core, Maxus Helios can't be unlocked until you win the game, then go through it again and collect Foxbat, Fencer, Leefram, Spindle, Klawgor, and Scraper.
  • In the Japanese version, Maxus Helios has the name of the Ultimate Helios, because he is the only Ultimate Helios that exists in Japan, and not Canada.

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