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BK CD Manion
Attribute Subterra Subterra
Pyrus Pyrus
Haos Haos
Ventus Ventus
Power 350 Gs
First appearance A Perfect Match

Manion (Japanese: Sphinx スフィンクス) is a sphinx/manticore-like Bakugan with huge wings and four pairs of razor-sharp claws on each paw.



Manion is a mysterious sphinx with golden armor protecting head, back, and forearms. It is a four-footed creature with sharp terrorizing claws. Soaring with its huge wingspan, it preys on its opponents from above.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

A Pyrus Manion was owned by Chan Lee. A Ventus Manion was used in Shun Kazami's test set up by Oberus. Julie, Billy, and Akira all had Subterra Manions. Runo had a Haos Manion in her basket of Bakugan. Klaus had a Subterra Manion in his extensive Bakugan collection.

Ability Cards
  • Earth Power: Adds 50 Gs to Manion. (Subterra)
  • Amon Ray: Adds 100 Gs to Manion. (Pyrus)
  • Copycat: Manion can copy any ability used by his opponent before. (Subterra)

Video Game

Manion is in some copies of the Bakugan Video Game.


  • Manion is only available in the Toys R US version of the Bakugan Video Game along with Ravenoid.
  • Manion's Ability Card Amon Re is a possible reference to the Egyptian god, Amon Re.

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