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Linus Claude
Linus brawling
First appearance The Secret Package
Voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Japanese)
Tyrone Savage (English)
Gender Male
Race Neathian
Main attribute (Main attribute used by this battler) Pyrus Pyrus
Guardian Bakugan Neo Ziperator (deceased)
Rubanoid (current)

Linus Claude (ライナス・クロード Rainasu Kurodo) is a Neathian brawler who appeared in episode 11, The Secret Package. He is a Pyrus brawler that was in search of Fabia. His first Guardian Bakugan was Neo Ziperator and his current Guardian Bakugan is Rubanoid.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

In episode 11, Linus is sent by the Neathian captain to give Neo to Princess Fabia, because Neo holds the Element. But once Ren and Jesse brawl Linus and Shun, Neo is taken to Gundalia. Linus then goes into a hospital, with all of the brawlers surrounding him, trying to wake him up. Once they do, he tells them that Neo holds the Element, but is now with the Gundalians, and says that Neathia is in terrible danger now. On top of the fact that Strikeflier and Airzel already got to Neathia. This worries Fabia and the Neathian Bakugan and confesses what happened to the Battle Brawlers.

He appeared in episode 12, saying that he wants to save Neo. After the battle between Sid and Dan, Neo appeared in his dream and said that he had given the Element to a much stronger Bakugan (Drago) and said farewell to Linus. Linus then cried out because he lost his friend.

In episode 13, he is with the Brawlers in the Secret Meeting Room inside Marucho's house.

In episode 14, he returns to Neathia with the other Brawlers, becoming one of the Castle Knights.

In episode 22, he is told to upload Raytheus's data to Dan to battle against Impalaton.

In episode 29, he made a brief appearance giving the Brawlers food his mother used to make.

In a deleted scene in episode 35, he was seen with Rubanoid in a treatment tank.

In episode 36, he was shown to have been given Rubanoid by Ren before he left for Gundalia because he thought Rubanoid would be better with a Pyrus battler like Linus.

In episode 39, he promises Ren that he will take good care of Rubanoid, which Ren accepts gladly.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders


  • Linus is the only protagonist Pyrus Brawler other than Dan who wasn't an antagonist from the start at all.
  • He resembles Spock from the Star Trek series.
  • He is only the second Brawler to lose his partner to death, the first being Joe Brown, who lost Wavern due to giving the Infinity Core to Drago.
  • Linus looks similar to Rafe but older.
  • Linus and Sid have two things in common, they are both Pyrus battlers and they have lost their partner in the war. Though with Sid, he was the one who died while Rubanoid was given to Ren.
  • He is the first Neathian seen to use an Attribute other than Haos.


Linus hasn't won any battle, probably due to a lack of experience.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

Opponent Outcome
Ren Krawler & Jesse Glenn (tag with Shun) Lose
Zenet Surrow


Zenet Surrow No Outcome

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