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Lily was a NPC (Non-Playable Character) on Bakugan Dimensions. She was a Subterra brawler.


(First Meet)
"You're good at Bakugan! Maybe you can beat Cody, too. That jerk has been buying all the rare Bakugan and I can't get any for my collection. And he gloats, too!"

(After the Player beats Cody)
"Well done for beating Cody! That'll teach him to hoard all the rarest Bakugan!"

(After losing a brawl)
"Well, what do you expect? I just collect Bakugan, I don't play them."

(After winning a brawl)
"I guess it helps to own a lot of Bakugan."




  • All though she looks like a Ventus battler, she's a Subterra battler.

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