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6 Legendary Warriors

The Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia (also called the Ancient Warriors) are Bakugan who defeated an army of Gargonoids long ago. Since then, they have become legends, and preside over Vestroia from the Doom Dimension. There is one of each Attribute.

When the Battle Brawlers came to the Doom Dimension they were met by the Soldiers and a deal was struck, if all of the Brawlers could defeat the soldier that uses the same attribute as them they would take them out of the Doom Dimension and let them take all of the Bakugan that Masquerade and his minions sent there. They all won, so the Soldiers had to keep their end of the bargain, using their Attribute Energies. In New Vestroia, the Soldiers reappear conversing with Drago and giving him a body, transforming him into Neo Dragonoid, and sending him to the human world to get Dan. Then Vestroia starts to collapse without him and all they can do is wait and discuss. After Drago returns to New Vestroia the Perfect Core becomes stable again, they later appeared to send Drago and the others to Earth. The Six Ancient Warriors then battled Zenoheld after he threatened to destroy the Bakugan if they did not come. Although they had the upper hand, the tide of the battle turned quickly after Zenoheld unleashed the Assail System. They were defeated, but before they could lose their attribute energies they transferred their power to the Bakugan Resistance Bakugan, thus giving up their lives. The Six Ancient Warriors' combined power is 3000 Gs, as each of the Legendary Soldiers possesses a G-Power of 500.

The Soldiers

The New Soldiers

After Vestroia was saved, the Guardian Bakugan of the Battle Brawlers became the Six Fighting Bakugan who saved Vestroia. Due to their status, Prince Hydron wanted to make a collection of them and had five of the six, his exception being Drago.

The New Vestroia Soldiers

It had been years since Vestroia was saved by the Brawlers. Then disaster strikes again. Alien ships had made land on New Vestroia and conquered it. Although the Bakugan Brawler Resistance was there to save the day, once it had been saved, King Zenoheld had new plans of becoming ruler of everything. The Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia battled Zenoheld and lost so they entrusted their Attribute Energies with the Resistances Bakugan who became the new Guardians of the Attribute Energy. The following are the Resistance's evolved Bakugan:


Opponent Outcome
Julie Makimoto (through Daisy Makimoto) Lose using Clayf)
Marucho Marukura(through Illusionary Marucho) Lose (using Frosch)
Shun Kazami (through Shiori Kazami) Lose (using Oberus)
Runo Misaki (through Illusionary Dan) Lose (using Lars Lion)
Dan Kuso (through a clown using Runo's skin) Lose (using Apollonir)
Masquerade/Alice Gehabich (through Illusionary Alice) Lose (using Exedra)
Spectra Phantom (through Dan Kuso) Win (using Apollonir)
Zenoheld Lose (with all of them)

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