LG is a card series in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. The first card, Trapped!, was the first card given out during the first week of the Bakugan Battle League. The following cards that were given out were chosen the week before, from two different cards.

Number Image Card Name Color Card Type
LG1 Sc0017435a Trapped! Red Ability Card
LG2 BBL2010 CompanionAce BA-LG02-AB-SM Companion Ace Blue Ability Card
LG3 Bbl Companion Shun-223x300 Companion Shun Green Ability Card
LG4 BBL2010 DirectAttack BA-LG04-AB-SM Direct Attack Red Ability Card
LG5 BBL2010 StealthMove BA-LG05-AB-SM Stealth Move Red Ability Card
LG6 Similar Crush (NA) Similar Crush Blue Ability Card
LG7 BBL2010 OppositeCrush BA-LG07-AB-SM Opposite Crush Blue Ability Card
LG8 BBL2010 SaveMarucho BA-LG08-AB-SM Save Marucho Red Ability Card
LG9 BBL2010 DestroyEvil BA-LG09-AB-SM Destroy Evil Red Ability Card