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MA Jakalier
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Haos Haos
First appearance Sid Returns

Jakalier (Japanese Version Narvi) is the name of a Bakugan Mobile Assault. It is a Wave 4 Bakugan Mobile Assault vehicle and was released alongside Impalaton.



Jakalier is a Bakugan Mobile Assault that soars through the air like a hi-tech fighter plane avoiding attacks with its maneuverability. Jakalier is equipped with blasters containing white hot plasma.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

In episode 23, Jakalier and Raytheus were used by Dan and Drago to try to turn some brainwashed kids back to normal.

In episode 29, Drago used Jakalier and Explosix to defeat Dragonoid Colossus and won.

In episode 31, Dan used Jakalier to save him and Drago from falling. It was later taken out by Dharak.

In episode 36, a squadron of Haos Jakaliers were shown bombing the Gundalian forces.

Ability Cards
  • Shooting Flamer (Pyrus)


The prototype was revealed at Toy Fair 2010. It has been seen in Pyrus, Ventus, Aquos, Haos, and Darkus. Its Pyrus version has 230 Gs. Its Haos version has 220 Gs. Its Darkus version has 240 Gs. Its Aquos version has 240 Gs. Its Ventus version has 220 Gs. It has not been released in Subterra yet, and most likely never will.

Reference Cards

  • (Attribute) May be played on Copper and Silver Gate Cards.
  • (Attribute) +100 G-Power on Silver Gate Cards.


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