Heavy Metal Bakugan are Special Attack Bakugan with a metal ring around it. The rings make the Bakugan more sturdy and make them heavier, which makes it easier to knock your opponent off the Gate Card and easier to land on a Gate Card. Some Heavy Metal Bakugan like Alpha Hydranoid can be spun so they act as a Spinning Bakugan. The smaller, classic series Bakugan Heavy Metal chrome rings are likely to rust and turn a dirty gray color. The B2 Heavy Metals are of higher quality and don't rust as often. Heavy Metal Bakugan have a lower chance of breaking when dropped. The Bakugan from Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge are most likely Heavy Metals.

Known Heavy Metal Bakugan


  • Iron Dragonoid is the only Bakugan to originally be named as a Heavy Metal Bakugan, but removed from the set later due to it being released in the fourth season instead of the second.


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